Wilderness Trail Kitchen & Dining Collection

Bring the outdoors into your kitchen with the Wilderness Trail Collection by Park Designs! Featuring a muted blend of browns and greens and stunning wildlife scenes, these pieces are sure to bring the outdoors in any time of the year! This collection is sure to be a hit with many wildlife enthusiasts!

CV Color Cues

help you identify our products' approximate colors.

Collection: Wilderness Trail Pattern: Patterned Pattern: Solid Shade: Briarwood Green Shade: Candlelight White Shade: Cast Iron Shade: Chocolate Shade: Light Nutmeg Shade: Nutmeg Shade: Olde Brick Red Shade: Taupe Primary Color: Tan Secondary Color: Green - Light Tone: Dark _salesData: {"data":{"day":{"count":0,"total":0},"month":{"count":3,"total":75.85},"quarter":{"count":3,"total":75.85},"week":{"count":1,"total":29.95},"year":{"count":3,"total":75.85}},"refresh": "2021-10-14T06:55:24Z"} _salesDataPrior: {"data":{"q1":{"count":0,"total":0},"q2":{"count":0,"total":0},"q3":{"count":0,"total":0},"q4":{"count":0,"total":0}},"refresh": "2021-10-14T06:55:24Z"} Style: Lodge _collectionType: preferred
  • Colors: Briarwood Green, Candlelight White, Cast Iron, Chocolate, Light Nutmeg, Nutmeg, Olde Brick Red & Taupe