Traditional Candles: Did you know that candles have been used inside the home since around 200 BC? Since the advent of the lightbulb, while candles aren't used quite as much for light anymore, people still love to fill their homes with candlelight. When burning, scented candles emit a wonderful aroma that will fill the room with your favorite fragrance. These pieces of functional decor help to add a personal and primitive touch to any room in your home. And of course, candles make great gifts. Everybody loves receiving candle gifts, whether it's for the holidays, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or just because.

There are many design options available with candles. Our customers enjoy placing several candles of different heights and designs together for contrast and visual interest. You can also use these country jar candles alone on the center of a small table for a fun decoration. Design beautiful centerpieces with jar candles by incorporating a country themed table runner and a few coordinating flowers. With these beautiful jar candles, the options are endless!

Bonus Candle Tip: Do you want your candle to last longer? Simply store it in the refrigerator when you're not burning it. This will help significantly increase your burn time!

Melters and Diffusers are another fantastic way to fill a room with delicious fragrance without having to worry about lighting and extinguishing a candle, making them much safer! Enjoy flameless fragrance for hours with high quality 100% soy melting squares. Not sure what fragrance is your favorite? Want to try a few new scents before you invest in a collection of candles and melting squares? If so, then melter buttons are a perfect choice for you! These inexpensive melters are perfect for testing to find your new favorite fragrance. Diffusers make an attractive, heat-free fragrant alternative with scented oil and diffusing sticks in a decorative glass bottle.

Not only are candles, melters, diffusers excellent for your home, they also make great gifts. From family to friends to coworkers, everyone loves the gift of great home fragrance. For lovers of all things classic and country, we recommend the 2-wick jar candle. Melters are a great gift for those with families and pets, so that they can enjoy the same great fragrances without the worry or hassle of a flame. For friends and family who appreciate elegance and class, we recommend the gift of a scent diffuser.