Posted by Gina O'Brian on 7th Aug 2015

The Nature of Summer

 Ahhh ... summer! These are the first tell-tale signs of summer for me: the smell of my newly mown lawn, hummingbirds’ dare-devil antics at the feeder, bees bumbling in the garden. Just the thou …

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Posted by Gina O'Brian on 20th May 2015

Embrace your Primitive Side

   Primitive decor is not just for Colonial Williamsburg anymore. Although we used to think of primitive decor as suitable only for clapboard farmhouses or East coast salt boxes, this simple …

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Posted by Gina O'Brian on 1st May 2015

StainProof rugs: the Best Choice for Mud Season

Here in Wisconsin we are beginning to feel the warmth and sunshine of spring. As the snow melts and the outdoor temperature rises, we anticipate the joy of spending more time outside. Of course, April …

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Posted by Gina O'Brien on 18th Jun 2014


Ahh, the smell of freshly mown grass, the tic - tic - tic of early morning sprinklers, and the sounds of children laughing floating in through open windows; the joys of summer have arrived! Here in W …

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