For a fun, elegant way to top off your windows, check out our collection of Fishtail Swags. When draped over a decorative curtain rod and style with fashionable tiebacks, fishtail swags create depth and movement, bringing your room to life. Be sure to top them off with a decorative hook and tieback to complete your look!

Fishtail swags are easy to hang, and they are an affordable way to upgrade your windows. With these country style fishtail swag curtains, you can add color and a finished look to any window in your home while allowing sunlight to shine in, creating a beautiful and open feel that won't obstruct any outside views.

Add simple elegance to your window with our high quality country style fishtail swags. These country curtains are made with the perfect amount of fabric to frame your window without compromising any light or outside views. These versatile window treatments are great for either single or double windows, so you can use them in virtually any room in your home. Here at Country Village Shoppe, we take quality seriously, and that is why we only offer the highest quality fishtail swag curtains that are built to last. We are committed to bringing you the best fishtail swag curtains that will complement your home's furnishings and add some extra elegance and class to any space.

Our fishtail swag curtains are available in a wide variety of fabrics, patterns, and colors including wine, black, and lemon pepper. No matter what type of decor you're looking to match, you are sure to find the perfect swag fishtails here at Country Village Shoppe. We recommend hanging your fishtail swags on our special curtain rods and hooks to complete your look. You can also add a tieback for a classic, polished final look.