The drapes may be the first thing you see when you're looking at a window, but these rods, hooks, and tiebacks provide the strong supporting cast of the show. Finish off your country curtains with just the right pair of hooks. These beautiful rods and hooks will tie your entire window treatment together and give the polished look that you're going for. Traditionally used with either fishtail swags or panels, these little details can really add the finishing touches to your space that make the difference between a pretty room and a truly memorable one.

Explore a variety of rods, hooks, and tiebacks to find the right match for your unique taste and style. You'll find the perfect pieces of curtain hardware for every room here at Country Village Shoppe. While they may primarily serve as a functional piece, these curtain hardware options are sure to make a stylish statement when paired with your country curtains.

Your guests are sure to notice the extra effort that you took to complete your country window treatment with these country curtain rods and hooks. Choose from a variety of colors and styles of country curtain hardware, including starfish curtain tie backs, forged loops, hearts, forged scrolls, doorknobs, pine cones, and black bear styles. Browse through our various curtain hardware options to upgrade every window in your home.

Looking for a great set of country curtain tiebacks? You're in the right place! Tie backs can be referred to as holdbacks, medallions, and many other names. But no matter what you call them, they make an excellent addition to your country window treatment! You can style your tiebacks, rods, and curtain hooks with a variety of country curtain panels, swags, and fishtails to create a unique look that perfectly matches your room's decor. Both functional and decorative, these high quality pieces are a perfect way to make a style statement that is all your own.