Sturbridge Black Curtain Collection

The lovely Sturbridge Black Collection by Park Designs features classic, inviting colors of black & farmhouse tan in a traditional homespun plaid adding a primitive style & warmth to your decor. Instant country charm!

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Tone: Dark Bundle: Sturbridge Patch - Black Collection: Sturbridge Black Gift Ideas: Christmas Gifts Pattern: Patterned Pattern: Plaid Price: $10 - $25 Price: $25 - $50 Primary Color: Black Secondary Color: Tan Shade: Black Shade: Farmhouse Tan Shade: Chamomile Shade: Patriotic Red Style: Colonial Style: Country Style: Primitive Style: Traditional Works With: Cambridge Works With: New Port Stripe Black Works With: Taupe _salesData: {"data":{"day":{"count":0,"total":0},"month":{"count":141,"total":5216.88},"quarter":{"count":400,"total":13546.89},"week":{"count":49,"total":1843.29},"year":{"count":1727,"total":55335.93}},"refresh": "2021-10-14T06:50:56Z"} _salesDataPrior: {"data":{"q1":{"count":236,"total":7107.70},"q2":{"count":551,"total":17799.45},"q3":{"count":311,"total":10370.45},"q4":{"count":480,"total":15390.93}},"refresh": "2021-10-14T06:50:56Z"} _collectionType: preferred _iconList: "valance.svg","panel.svg","swag.svg","tier.svg","prairie.svg","fishtail.svg","shower.svg"
  • Colors: Black, Farmhouse Tan, Chamomile & Patriotic Red