Garden Sketchbook Kitchen & Dining Collection

Designed by Livi & Finn, the Garden Sketchbook Kitchen & Dining Collection by Park Designs is full of vibrant colors, detail and is absolutely beautiful. The attention to detail is obvious in the blue bird itself but also to the fabulous colors that bring it all together. For an even more stunning look, mix and match this collection with our Wicklow China Blue Collection items (as pictured).

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Collection: Garden Sketchbook Pattern: Floral Pattern: Patterned Pattern: Solid Price: $10 - $50 Price: $50 - $100 Primary Color: Off White Primary Color: Blue - Dark Secondary Color: Off White Secondary Color: Blue - Light Secondary Color: Medium Blue Secondary Color: Tan Shade: Candlelight White Shade: Chocolate Shade: Coastal Blue Shade: Cupboard Blue Shade: Dark Sage Tone: Light _salesData: {"data":{"day":{"count":0,"total":0},"month":{"count":0,"total":0},"quarter":{"count":0,"total":0},"week":{"count":0,"total":0},"year":{"count":3,"total":56.85}},"refresh": "2021-10-14T06:51:50Z"} _salesDataPrior: {"data":{"q1":{"count":2,"total":97.90},"q2":{"count":0,"total":0},"q3":{"count":1,"total":54.95},"q4":{"count":0,"total":0}},"refresh": "2021-10-14T06:51:50Z"} Style: Cottage _collectionType: preferred
  • Colors: Candlelight White, Chocolate, Coastal Blue, Cupboard Blue & Dark Sage