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Battery Operated Candles

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Pillar Candles shopallbattery.png

Pillar candles make a design statement and provide a classic warm glowing ambiance! Because they are battery operated, these pillars are safe for any environment, avoid drippy, hot wax mess, and provide hour after hour of maintenance-free “candlelight”—even outdoors where traditional candle flames blow out!

  • batterycandle03.jpg Luminara Candle - 7" Ivory $59.95 Shop Now 
  • batterycandle04.jpg Cream Drip Candle - 4x5 $25.95 Shop Now 
  • batterycandle05.jpg Burnt Primitive Ivory Pillar Candle - 2.5x3 $8.95 Shop Now 
  • batterycandle06.jpg Primitive Mc Candles Red - 6" Pillar $31.95 Shop Now 

Taper Candles shopalltapers.png

Set a stunning holiday table or mantle decoration with tapers that never blow out, burn down in a waxy puddle, or catch fire to greenery or guests! Never hunt for tapers at the last minute to refill your candlesticks—these "burn" for months, and come in styles from rustic and primitive to traditional and formal.

  • batterycandle07.jpg Burnt Primitive Ivory - 4" Taper $10.95 Shop Now 
  • batterycandle08.jpg Primitive Candy Cane - 6" Taper $8.95 Shop Now 
  • batterycandle09.jpg Cream Drip Candle - 1.75x6 $18.95 Shop Now 
  • batterycandle10.jpg Primitive Mc Candles Red - 9" Taper $27.95 Shop Now 

Candlelight adds warmth and life to country decor.

Setting the Scene with Candles

Nothing brings life and movement to your decor like candlelight. With the advent of realistic flame technology and timers on battery-operated candles, there are even more ways to light up your home.

Mix it up: Create interest by mixing and matching candles of varying heights, diameters, and styles. Keep the look “together” by using candles of the same tone.

Surprise 'em: With battery-operated candles, you can create candlelight where it’s least expected! Place pillars along the treads of your staircase, behind curtains, or above the kitchen cabinets! Timers make the on-and-off process easy.

Keep it natural: Start with a tall battery-operated pillar candle centered in a glass cylinder; add some blooms, garden greenery or evergreens, and in a snap you’ve created and easy, organic look for your table.

Let your kitchen inspire: Turn items in your cupboards into instant country decor—grandma’s teacup collection or your favorite vintage two-tiered serving stand combined with battery-operated votives or short pillars will make a charming display!


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