Posted by Gina O'Brien on 2nd May 2011


Well, most people think the busiest time of the year in retail is the 4th quarter, and while that is definitely true, many forget that for those of us that work in retail, January to April is really even busier in many ways. We have the exciting opportunity of bringing all new merchandise to you and every January, we get to see the latest trends and the newest in home decor.

While that is exhilarating and fun….it’s a lot of work! So I haven’t been been able to post much lately as a result. While I would like to say we are at the end of the work, that is not true – and that’s okay. This year, we found some really cool things in home decor and are so excited about offering them in our store.

One of my favorites is a few new lines from Park Designs. I really like the new colors and how they all coordinate together – giving you an endless amount of combinations. Check out the Salem Collection, Cider Mill, Olde Crow, Peaceful Cottage, and several others in our Country Kitchen Coordinates.

We also have been making some changes to our website to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. If you have any suggestions or comments, please make sure to send them to me….I always appreciate your input :)