Posted by Gina O'Brien on 23rd Oct 2012


Country Style DecorWhen it comes to home décor, country is considered the coziest style of all. Warm and inviting, it welcomes you in with a peaceful, comforting and vintage ambiance. Yet it’s probably the most misunderstood decorating style. Not limited solely to whimsical farm animals, yards of cheerful gingham fabric or colorful bunches of fruit, country decorating incorporates these lovely traditional elements of country design plus so much more. So what exactly is country style anyway?

The fact is, country décor embraces many other decorating styles. American country, French country, country cottage, patriotic country, vintage country and even modern country each offer unique variations of basic country themes. Traditionally, those basic themes span rustic wood grains to white wicker, for example, as well as marvelous, handcrafted elements such as cozy quilts, quietly striking braided rugs and charming pottery. Country design celebrates home, hearth and family. Yet country design has unexpected touches as well.

For example, while country is generally known for muted colors, French country decorating can be quite vivid with reds, yellows and blues woven into the décor much like cottage country. Similarly, modern country often employs black and white motifs accented by bright red or yellow, while patriotic country is infused with muted tones of the red, white and blue of the American flag. What runs through all the country genres, appropriately, is the color barn red, a recurrent theme throughout, and the ginghams, calicos, checks, plaids and florals that so nicely display these colors.  More recently, soft burlaps and tobacco cloths have joined the parade of color-rich curtains in country décor.

In addition, the beautifully constructed simplicity so characteristic of furniture in American country design give way to delightful curves in the provincial styles of French country decorating. Both incorporate country curtains in a broad selection of styles, from traditional panels and valances to the newer silhouette of prairie swags.

Primitive and old world décor, a hallmark of country design, blends easily into all country genres. Rustic and wonderfully evocative of the past, these items virtually transport you back to another time. Whether it’s vintage botanical prints as wall décor, a wrought iron chandelier with a weathered patina or the reclaimed wood on a bench, these lovely styles are easily interchangeable with any country décor, indeed with any décor at all. In fact, this ability to blend seamlessly with all decors is perhaps the best part of country design.

By choosing country décor items you can add the classic warm light of candles or candle sleeves, the primitive beauty of berry wreaths and tobacco cloth curtains, or the modern appeal of black stars and mercury glass. An eclectic array of country styles, they’re just part of our home décor line and very much a part of what country is known for today.