Posted by Gina O'Brien on 13th Nov 2012


Country decorating remains one of the most popular interior décor styles, even among other more contemporary options. Have you ever considered the meaning of the items with which you  decorate your home? What value do you place on that antique rocker your grandfather handed down to you, or those country curtains hanging in your living room? These items in your home may actually say something about you, something more than simply the visual appeal they add.

Rarely can an item reflect your personal values and taste quite like a quilt.  A quilt not only represents your appreciation for history, but also your desire to extend warmth, care and love. The intricate piecework and careful stitching are a testament to your appreciation for craftsmanship and artistry. Even the care with which you display your quilt is an expression on you, whether it is carefully laid over the back of a sofa, displayed on a quilt rack or wall hanger, or neatly folded and stored somewhere out of harm’s way.   

Are you a lover of country décor? If so, you may just find that the following descriptions of country décor fall right in line with how you would describe yourself:

• Warm

• Inviting

• Playful

• Relaxed

• Family-oriented

• Sentimental

What we hold dear is reflected in what we choose to surround ourselves with and care for. Often times we select new items based on warm memories of past experiences, or an appreciation for what they symbolize in our life or in the life of someone we love. Over time, these special possessions can take on more and more meaning, sometimes even becoming family heirlooms. The origin of that meaning comes from the core values that live within us, a place where our history weaves into the present.

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