Posted by Gina O'Brien on 1st Jul 2012


If you want to show off your national pride on the 4th of July, why not go all out? You can easily adorn your existing country décor with a variety of eye-catching, patriotic decorations. There are endless ways to display the red, white and blue shades associated with American pride, and Country Village Shoppe has what you’re looking for. Whether you want your décor to be ornate and whimsical or simple and elegant, you’ll find plenty of ideas to get you started.

It’s easy to incorporate American-themed décor into your home, as well as, your outdoor living space. To transform your house into a patriotic palace, start with the basics. By simply adding some stars and stripes to a few rooms, you can create a dazzling display.

One way to use a simple design scheme to bring out your patriotic pride is to create a striking centerpiece for your table. Country Village Shoppe has a large variety of products to choose from. For a truly unique display, purchase several electric candle bases and various star-covered candle sleeves. Place the candles in the center of your table, and fill the spaces in between with patriotic garland or potpourri.

To decorate the exterior of your home, hang some American flags, or give your mailbox a quick country makeover by covering it in a mail wrap.  Decorative flag bunting is ideal for showing your American pride. You can hang them in the front of your house or display them in your backyard garden. The stars and stripes bring warmth to any space, and the vivid colors make a bold statement.

When it comes to showing your national pride, the sky is the limit. You can find many more ideas to inspire your inner designer with at Country Village Shoppe. Country Village Shoppe has a vast assortment of products to choose from, including country woven throws, quilts, cushions and kitchen accents. With very little effort, you can beautify your home and celebrate Independence Day with style.