Posted by Gina O'Brien on 16th May 2011


I am somewhat of a candle connoisseur – I have probably smelled almost any candle line you can throw at me. I just like candles – always have. I like burning them anytime of day, any time of year. So when we get a new candle line in, it has to be good! And I think we found just that. Milkhouse Candles are one of my new favorites!

At first, I wasn’t sure if they smelled that strong. I was skeptical. The scents are different than those I usually enjoy, but pleasant. My first draw to the candles were their look. They were clean and unique. I have a hard time with virtually anyflower candle – because they are purple or hydrangea or lime, or bright pink. I like them, don’t get me wrong…they just don’t look good in my house though. So the first attraction was the look. They are basic, yet sophisticated. I like that.

Milkhouse 22 oz Candles

As I burnt my first one (I chose Oatmeal, Milk and Honey, by the way) I was skeptical. It didn’t smell strong in the jar – which usually translate to a mediocre smelling candle when it is lit. About a half and hour later…I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked it! It was a unique smell, and wow – was it strong! My home is very open with large rooms so I usually have to burn two candles at a time in one room to smell them – but to my surprise – I could really smell this one candle – and in several rooms. Loved it.

What I really like also is that Milkhouse Candles are 100% American made (yes there are still a few things made in the USA), soy, and great for people with allergies because they burn so clean they actually clean the air around them, believe it or not!

Anyway, now that I shared my new favorite – what are your favorites? I would love to hear about them!