Posted by Gina O'Brien on 17th Apr 2012


Rusty Chateau LanternLanterns can add a quick and authentic touch to country decorating both inside and outside of your home. Just hanging a lantern at your entrance or doorway can do quite a bit to set the tone, even before your guests come inside. If the lantern’s style evokes a classic country style, your home will exude a warm country welcome.

Lanterns are functional and attractive on patios and decks or even in the garden. A soft glowing light from an attractive lantern does a lot to create an intimate atmosphere in these outdoor spaces. This kind of diffused light softens shadows and creates a relaxing atmosphere. However, if you want to liven up your outdoor space, consider a lantern with a brighter light. The same principal applies indoors. A soft light creates a relaxed environment and a brighter light livens up the room. The choice you make will determine the overall feel of the room.

While lanterns were first used for practical purposes only, creating a certain ambiance is the most common use of lanterns today. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of lanterns available, and you have many options for using lanterns for country decorating. From a barn lantern to a carriage style lantern to a bedside lantern lamp, each style lends a unique look. The finishing touch of the perfect lantern can tie together your country sampler of furniture, country curtains, braided rugs, and other country accessories.

Of course, Country Village offers lanterns that call for a traditional pillar candle, but we also carry many lanterns that offer the convenience and safety of electric bulbs or battery operated tapers for use in any setting, indoors or outside, in windy conditions that might extinguish a normal candle lantern, or present a fire hazard.

Whether your look is farmhouse, old world, European country, or just plain cozy, lanterns can enhance your individual country themes. Charming and appealing, an appropriate lantern supplies both light and decorating magic.