Posted by Gina O'Brien on 8th Dec 2010


As we are all energetically decorating our homes and participating in all the wonderful traditions the season has to offer, the excitement in the air grows and grows. Everyday at Country Village, we are lucky enough to help people create that warm and homey feeling they so want to share with their families. We get questions from people daily about how to create that feeling and look, so for the next few blog posts I am going to focus on the small things you can do that will make a big impact in the look and feel of your home.

One of the easiest ways to add that warm and cozy feeling is to bring warm lighting to your home. No matter how you decorate, no matter what kind of decor (or lack thereof) you have in your home, everyone, and yes, I mean everyone, needs to have at least a couple battery-operatedtimer, or remote control candles in their home. It is perfect this time of year! You can use them anywhere from your kitchen table, to a subtle light in your bathroom, or especially those hard to reach areas you can never get light to (and don’t want to climb back to either!)

With timer candles, you simply turn them on at the time you would like them to come on everyday and they will automatically go off 5 (or 6) hours later. The next day they will come on without you ever having to think about them again. Remote control candles do require remembering to turn them on and off (with the flick of an “on” or “off” switch on a remote control) but give the flexibility to control when you want the light on. Lastly, battery operated candles don’t have the fancy timers or remote controls, they simply run from batteries alone and you turn them on and off at your convenience.

My suggestion is to start with one room. Pick a spot that could use a little light and get a candle. I promise you, that little light is going to grow and grow, room by room as you see how wonderful it looks and how much it can change the atmosphere of a room!