Posted by Gina O'Brien on 9th Sep 2012


You love warm country home decor, but your significant other loves the sleek lines of modern design. Combining these two very different decor styles may seem difficult or even impossible. However, you need not worry. It is possible to combine the warmth of country decor with clean, modern basics in order to create a beautiful space.

Brighten up a stark, clean space with country-style braided rugs. A braided wool rug can add texture and warmth to even the cleanest of modern rooms. Or consider using country curtains in bathrooms and kitchens in particular for a touch of warmth. To add a bit of country to a bedroom, opt for lace or sheer panels or sophisticated fishtail swags.

Throw a colorful country quilt to soften the clean lines of modern furniture. If simple, elegant furniture predominates in a room, add instant warmth by tossing a woven throw over the back of a couch or chair. Quilts can be used to bring out other colors in a decor scheme. Choose the neutral texture of a basket to warm up a room that is filled with modern furniture.

Add a simple country sign or photo to an accent wall. Accent walls are all the rage in modern design. You can make the most of an accent wall by using it to frame a beautiful, country-themed art. A framed canvas still life by artist Bonnie Fisher can add visual texture and an heir of coziness to any modern space. Switch out art work seasonally to add that extra something special to any room.

Remember that almost any of the design ideas featured on our site can be adapted to fit with modern decor. Strive for balance when decorating and you are sure to create a marriage of country and modern that everyone will love.