Posted by Gina O'Brien on 5th Aug 2012


The cozy and rustic feel of country decor is a perfect fit with touches of nature. There are many ways to bring the beauty and serenity of nature into your indoor country decor.

Nature inspired fabrics in our curtains and quilts bring a bit of the outdoors in. Quilts are an art, and they are an amazing way to decorate a country home. Not only do they provide warmth, but the intricate geometric designs of country quilts can be a show-stopping addition to any bedroom or living room. For a touch of the outdoors, choose a quilt that is made up of the color palette outside. Pine forest-inspired quilts will be patterns of deep green and soft browns, while a lakeside-inspired quilt can use a range of blues and grays. In the summer, these quilts can be hung like tapestries instead of going into storage.

Country style curtains are another great way to bring the outdoors inside. Because they frame the landscape seen through windows, it is easy to tie colors together. If there is no need for heavy or solid fabric, lace curtains or sheer curtains allow for natural light, and they also allow peeks of the outdoors, even if they’re closed. Valances with decorations or embroidery can use animal or plant motifs for a subtle touch of nature inside.

No room is complete without accessory pieces. Our Country Decor collection has favorites of candle covers, throw pillows and more. Decorations can include flowers or plant designs to evoke nature. More unique touches, like a camping-inspired lantern, will make a room feel like an extension of the outdoors. Figurines are a great way to finish a room. A ceramic bird perched on a bookshelf or in the kitchen will make guests laugh with surprise.

Country decorating and design is about celebrating nature and a simpler time. What better way to do this than with items that remind you of nature?