Our USA-made all-wax candle sleeves make seasonal decorating easy! Just pop a sleeve on the electrified base and you’re good to go. No messy drippy wax, no fire hazard—even safe for kids’ rooms! Sleeves are 6” high and come in several finishes—traditional smooth, “crunchy”, sparkly “gumdrop” or primitive “grubby”. You’ll find designs for every day and every season! Create an inviting atmosphere in any room in your home with safe, flameless candlelight. With the warmth and cozy feeling of a candle, it is easy to enjoy that peaceful feeling that is associated with everybody's favorite season.

Both you and your guests will love the vintage designs, seasonal themes, and warm glow of our candle sleeves. Plus, they are mess-free! Candle sleeves are easy to swap in and out, so you can keep a collection of different sleeves that you can use according to season and holidays. Sleeves make an excellent centerpiece, mantle display, or accent piece. They also make wonderful gifts!

A clean, safe alternative to a traditional candle, electric bases and decorative sleeves are an excellent option for families with small children, pets, or anybody who simply doesn't want to deal with the hassle of a flame. These electric candles are also perfect for those with allergies to certain fragrances or smoke. Each sleeve is hand selected according to quality and style, so you can shop with confidence knowing that your candle sleeve is built to last. Each of our candle sleeves are made in the USA from 100% candle wax. Get ready to celebrate your favorite season in style with beautiful candle sleeves!

There's no denying that no country home is complete without candles. The warm ambiance and welcoming glow of candlelight is what truly makes a house a home. But candles can be a lot of work, and they aren't a great option for everybody. For families with small children or pets looking for a safer alternative, these electric candle sleeves are perfect! They are also an excellent choice for those who may have smoke allergies or fragrance allergies. These pieces of functional decor are also perfect for folks who just don't want to worry about a flame!