If you want to create a country feel in your home, lighting truly is everything. The right lighting will fill your space with the soft, welcoming ambiance that you associate with a classic country style home. You've been working to fill your rooms with great rustic furniture, country curtains, and fabulous farmhouse statement pieces, so it's important to light up your home in the right way so both you and your guests can enjoy the classic country home that you've worked hard to create. When it comes to classic country lighting fixtures, whether large, medium, or small, we have it all here at Country Village Shoppe. Shop our collection of country-inspired electric candle sleeves, lamps, lanterns, nightlights, pendant lights, and specialty bulbs! From your living room to your kitchen to your bedrooms and baths, we are proud to offer a variety of stylish lighting pieces for every room in your home. We've carefully chosen each piece in this collection according to its value, quality, and style, so we are confident that you will love your new lighting decor pieces.

If your home's decor is feeling a bit muted or drab, additional lighting or different lighting may be the key. You will be surprised at the difference a few lighting adjustments can make! These pieces from Country Village Shoppe make a lasting impression on your guests, plus they are affordable and practical. The options are endless when it comes to classic country lighting!

Lighting Tip: While many people think that overhead ceiling lighting is the only option, we believe that the best way to create beautiful, flexible lighting is with lamps. Turning on a lamp can bring your decor together into one fluid space, and it can set the mood that you want in your home. Show off your home’s unique personality with beautiful table lamps and lanterns from Country Village Shoppe. You will love how you space transforms simply by adding a table lamp or two. From dining rooms to living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms, these lighting options will dazzle regardless of their location. With a wide variety of options to choose from, we are certain that you will find the perfect lamp for your space.