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Finally - a beautiful, affordable, environmentally friendly rug that you can feel proud to own. These Jute rugs are made from the beautifully textured, biodegradable jute fiber. Jute can be grown without pesticides or fertilizers, making it a great option for those who wish to protect the health and safety of their family without compromising on style. Plus, jute is one of the softest natural fibers available! When it comes to quality and value, it's tough to beat these jute rugs. Style your room with one of these eco-friendly jute rugs today!

What is jute? Jute is a strong, affordable, natural fiber native to South Asia. For centuries, jute has been considered to be the second most important fibers cultivated in the world, after cotton. This is due to its low price and biodegradable characteristics. Because it can be grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides, in addition to its biodegradable properties, jute is commonly considered to be one of the best fibers for the environment.

You'll love these country style jute rugs from Country Village Shoppe because they are made from all-natural fibers to create a calming, soft feeling in any space. We are proud to offer a variety of styles, colors, and patterns to complement your decor and pull your entire room together cohesively and beautifully.

Jute rugs are durable, too! With routine care, you can expect your jute rug to last through several seasons in your home. Although they are sturdy, these jute rugs are also very soft and pleasant to stand on. A classic jute rug will make an excellent addition to your living room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, or entryway. With a variety of sizing options, you can find a high quality jute rug for any room in your home. Take a step in the right direction for your home and for your planet with a jute rug from Country Village Shoppe.
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