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Coastal Bath

So you've designed and decorated your Coastal style living room, master bedroom, guest bedrooms, kitchen, and dining room...but what's missing? The baths, of course! The master and guest baths often go under decorated, which can lead to your home feeling unfinished and inconsistent.

Fortunately, at Country Village Shoppe, we have a collection of great accessories designed specifically to dress up your bathroom. If you love beachy decor, you can't live without these amazing coastal bath decor pieces!

Coastal decor is all about creating a clean looking, fun atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of the beach. If you want your entire home to feel like a waterfront getaway, we've got you covered here at Country Village Shoppe. With these great accessories, your master bath and guests baths can match the rest of your Coastal home. With a wide range of great accessories to choose from, including 100% cotton shower curtains, curtain hooks, towel rings, towel bars, toilet tissue holders, decorative soaps, and waste baskets, you are sure to find the best match for your bath.

Why should you choose a cotton shower curtain? For those who are unfamiliar with cotton shower curtains, they may seem a bit strange. However, many folks are starting to opt for these classic curtains because they are a safer alternative to the chemical-leaching plastic curtains that you may be familiar with. While plastic curtains are nearly impossible to clean and can harbor nasty bacteria, cotton shower curtains can be easily tossed in the wash to leave your home looking clean and feeling fresh and sanitary. Plus, they're super stylish, too!

Bring the beauty of the coast to your master bath and guest baths with these fun beachy bath accessories from Country Village Shoppe. Both you and your guests are sure to love the results!
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