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100 percent cotton shower curtain Wicklow Black and Ninepatch Star in bathroom setting

Carrying a country theme throughout your home can be challenging when it comes to your ensuite or guest bath. If you've been searching high and low for a quality 100% cotton country shower curtain with coordinating bath accessories, we can help with over 100 different shower curtain styles!

Classic Shower Curtains - 100% Cotton! bath-shopall.png

  • wicklow dove shower curtain Wicklow Shower Curtain - Dove $39.95 Shop Now 
  • coordinate your bath with wicklow black shower curtain Wicklow Shower Curtain - Black $39.95 Shop Now 
  • Wicklow Garnet shower curtain image Wicklow Shower Curtain - Garnet $39.95 Shop Now 
  • Soapstone Shower Curtain Soapstone Shower Curtain $39.95 Shop Now 
  • fieldstone shower curtain Fieldstone Shower Curtain $39.95 Shop Now 
  • Primitive Spice Shower Curtain Primitive Spice Shower Curtain $39.95 Shop Now 
  • Wicklow Check China Blue Shower Curtain Wicklow Shower Curtain - China Blue $43.95 Shop Now 
  • Kettle Grove Shower Curtain Kettle Grove Shower Curtain $54.95 Shop Now 

Bath Accessories

Accent your new shower curtain with matching accessories in the exact color, or create an eclectic look by adding details to your existing decor!


Easily coordinate your master bedroom and ensuite!

One of the pleasures of having an ensuite is the ability to create visual continuity between your bedroom and bath, making the adjoined spaces into one luxurious retreat. Here are a few tips from our decor experts:

Your bath can enhance a theme: If you have a theme you love, you know there's a danger of over-coordinating your decor with that theme in your bedroom or the main part of your home. But because your bath is a smaller separate space, it's the perfect place to go a little bonkers with your favorites, allowing for a more subtle expression in other areas.

Your bath can handle bold paint: Take the boldest tone in your bedroom color palette and use it freely in your ensuite bath! While a bold barn red paint might be overwhelming covering your bedroom walls, when used on your bathroom walls it becomes a charming accent to the pops of red in your bedroom.

Coordinate curtains and shower curtains, rugs and accessories: Nothing says “custom” like coordinated curtains, shower curtains and matching bedroom and bath accessories. We carry full lines in collections that make creating that subtle difference easy. You can choose to go with a completely matching look, or pick and choose where you want to enhance your theme! SHOP OUR COLLECTIONS >>


Customer Reviews