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1803 Candles


In her 27-year history of writing, Martha Moore Ballard recorded over nine thousand daily entries in her diary. She was a midwife, medical recorder, and candle maker in late 18th-century America. Martha’s cryptic log of daily events included the making of tallow candles; often dozens every day. At the time, Martha’s candles provided light during the long winter nights of Maine. Today, they can brighten your home with the memory of a simple time and a woman whose care for others made her a hero to friends and family.


  • Each candle burns for 80-90 hours.
  • 100% soy, biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Martha would probably recommend that you put your feet up today and enjoy the warm glow and unique scents of one of our best-selling 1803 candles.


Scent Descriptions:


Apples & Acorns: Reminiscent of a warm fall morning, apples mixed with cinnamon, clove, nurmeg, ginger & nuts will fill your home with warm ambiance.


Apple Butter House: Nanny puts up her apple butter for the season (apples, butter & clove).


Apple Dumplings: a harvest of apple dumplings with cinnamon and sugar – get at least one of these!


Banana Walnut Cake: the irresistible aroma of mom's walnut cake, with a hint of sweet bananas and spice. Just like anything made with love, this scent is a memory.  


Believe: Believe in faith, Believe in hope, Believe in love.....red hot cinnamon scent.


Biscuits & Honey: At the harvest table, everyone gathers.....1803's blend of pastry, vanilla and honey butter.


Blueberry Pickin':  Melt in your mouth, fresh off the bushes Blueberries mixed with Sweet Cinnamon Cream.


Bread Pudding:  Just like grandma's kitchen - warm, spiced sweet bread.


Buttered Rum:  Soft and smooth....buttered rum will sure to be one of your favorites!  A warm mixture of dark rum blended with butter, sugar and cloves.


Buttery Caramel:  Oozing with sweetness & sure to please...full of caramel, butter, and cream


Christmas at the Farm:  Once in a while, I remember the good ole' days and Christmas at the farm (Maple toffee and cinnamon muffins). 


Cider Mill: a refreshing blend of green apples, straight from the cider mill, mixed with spices and the crisp scent of a perfect fall day.


Comfort & Joy:  'Tis the Season to relax and enjoy life with loved ones.  What a better way than in a home filled with warm ambiance and the aroma of Holiday Spices, Bay Leaves, Pine Cones & Orange Peels.  Beware...Guests may never leave!


Cookies for St. Nick: (seasonal) this is the fastest way to get on the “Good” list with St. Nick.   This candle fills the room with the scent of snickerdoodle cookies - without the calories!


Cookie Kitchen:  Your kitchen will smell like freshly baked cookies without turning on the oven...try the warm aroma of maple, honey butter and nuts!


Cornbread and Honey: this year-round scent is a kitchen favorite. Hints of cornbread and honey set a welcoming tone for any room.


Cranberry Cupboard: cranberry and cinnamon have always been friends. Here they combine to create a wonderful story for the nose.


Farmhouse: there’s always one flavor of scented candle that you’re tempted to taste. With vanilla, caramel and chocolate notes, the Farmhouse Candle feels a bit like dessert.


Farm Pantry:  Welcome to the farm....this wonderful scent of vanilla will make you think of pure sweet cream churning in the farm pantry.


Friendship: this is the candle you buy for a friend and then decide to keep. This top seller is a beautiful blend of spices and warm piecrust. Buy two so that you can actually give one away.


Good Ol' Apple Pie:  No messy oven with this one...just the warm, fall smells of a Buttery Pie Dough filled with Cinnamon Apples


Graham Cracker:  Sure to satisfy any appetite, fill your pantry with this one...it's good enough to eat with a blend of Brown Sugar, Cream, Ginger & other Warm Spices!


Grandma's Kitchen: she would step to the cupboard and get everything she needed for baking. The fresh oatmeal cookie aroma sets the scene for you. Ultra cute granny not included.


Grandpa's Trees: the pure smell of papa’s pine trees is a memory window. This light pine aroma is rich enough to make you feel the breeze on that lazy summer afternoon of childhood.


Grated Cinnamon: this popular and mysterious spice cinnamon was used in ancient Egypt, Rome and China. This candle inspires new baking ideas, calls to mind cinnamon sticks from the old general store, and launches the most interesting conversations.


Hearthcakes:  Fresh cakes to keep warm by the hearth.....1803's snickerdoodle.


Home by the Fire:  Is there anyplace we would rather be?  Blending warm smells of a crackling fire and the fresh outdoor air, all you need is this candle, the TV remote & a nice, soft blanket!


Home Sweet Home: this distinctive scented candle puts vanilla bean, spices and plump juicy raisins under one roof. Perfect for a gathering room or den.    


Homestead Holiday: (seasonal) this is your horse-drawn sleigh ride along the river, with spruce, pine, and fir trees lining up to watch as you glide by.  


Lemon Drop Cookies: an enticing mix of sugar cookies and zesty lemon. This candle fills the room with homemade goodness!


Lavender Lemongrass:  Blends the soothing smell of Lavender with the aromatic Asian grasses to give a clean, tangy aroma that is sure to please!


Maple Sugar House:  the maple butter is just a boil'in in the old shack out back... Gina's personal favorite!


Mistletoe Kisses: (seasonal) light this candle and watch the kissing start! Absolutely the BEST everygreen tree smell you will ever enjoy!


Mom's Kitchen: creamy caramel meets a hint of spice. The beautiful result is a warm and welcoming aroma.


Northwoods Cabin:  Bring the outdoors inside with the fresh aroma of the trees of the forest, leaves & berries...I can already hear the cracklin' of the campfire!


Nutmeg & Vanilla:  Grated nutmeg and vanilla beans...everyone's favorite!


Nutty Pumpkin Waffles:  Be prepared for neighbors knocking at the door looking for breakfast....with Pecans & Pumpkin swirled in  a Buttery Batter, mouths will be watering!!


Olde Dough Bowl: some dough for baking, a cinnamon stick, clove and spicy rosehips for contrast … strike a match and enjoy the ambiance.    


Peppermint Bark:  Just like the popular candy we all know & love, this candle takes yummy peppermint...and adds the scrumptious smell of Creamy Dark Chocolate.  Are you hungry yet?


Perfect Morning:  Not a coffee drinker??  Not a problem...Fill your house with this aromatic coffee, caramel and pumpkin infused blend that will be sure to jump-start your day!! 


Perfect Pumpkin: pumpkin and spice are seasonal favorites. This candle celebrates the harvest and the longer nights of winter.


Pine Needles and Berries: (seasonal) a medley of seasonal spices and aromas, including pine, cranberry, and orange.


Pumpkin Cornbread: (seasonal) Nannies recipe book told us to add a pinch of honey to this perfect cornbread candle.


Pumpkin Hollow: (seasonal) the blend is rich pumpkin and cinnamon crunch. The effect is pure holiday and the gathering of friends and family.


River Birch:  If you love the outdoors, this one's for you!!  Blends of Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, Bergamot, Geranium....and the woods!!!


Seed Pots & Blooms:  Spring has arrived!!  No matter what the calendar says, you will be swept away with the smell of green grass, flower buds & herbs that will fill your home with the freshness of spring!


Simply Clean: That fresh, clean laundry just in from the clothes line smell...that's what you will get with the Simply Clean Candle!


Sleighbells and Snowflakes: (seasonal) vanilla bean noel and peppermint spend the winter together. As always, there is the ringing of sleigh bells and the sound of laughter muted by the snow.  


Southern Welcome: in a welcome worthy of the south, the ladies make Marmalade Bundt Cake for newcomers. This marvelous and best-selling candle makes a great gift year round.


Spice Box: every kitchen is a place to prepare food. Somehow, your kitchen is much more.   Ground cinnamon, clove buds, nutmeg, and all spice make the Spice Box candle the perfect signature for the room of nourishment and nourishing conversations.


The Weathered Crow:  Nothing to Caw about with this one....Filled with Spices, Caramelized Nuts, and Brown Sugar, this one flies off our shelves!


Village Mercantile: All the things you find at the village mercantile….cinnamon maple crunch.

Vintage Lilac:  The fresh smell of lilacs reminds me of a walk among papa's trees.

Wood Stove Pie: A tin pan holds a flaky crust with creamy custard and spices…

Yuletide Cinnamon: (seasonal) Another best Christmas seller! Fresh boughs drape from the buttermilk cupboard….bakery cinnamon with a little pine.



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  1. Great candles 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Nov 2013

    These candles burn clean and even, they smell great too!!! The scents are amazing. I've loved everyone that I've purchased.

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